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Canderel Is Proud to Announce That Constitution Square Has Achieved a Milestone in Its Property Management in Ontario

Canderel Is Proud to Announce That Constitution Square Has Achieved a Milestone in Its Property Management in Ontario

Constitution Square becomes the first office complex in Ottawa to receive a Fitwel certification. With this latest certification, Constitution Square is now triple certified with LEED Platinum, Wired Certified Gold and Fitwel.


Fitwel is an independent commercial building rating system that evaluates buildings on how well its owners and property managers are endorsing and encouraging occupant health & well-being. This is a result of a joint initiative between the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) together with the General Services Administration (GSA).

The certification, from the Center for Active Design (CfAD), showcases the value-add approach Canderel brings to property management. With an aim to add value to the building community – this means being invested in the health and safety of our tenants and occupants and staff. The COVID-19 crisis has proved to be a time where the underlying commitment to tenant health and safety is crucial for property managers around the world.

In awarding this certification, Fitwel highlighted the motivational signs placed in the staircases within the entire 3-tower complex as well as the exemplary cleaning protocols that are so critical during the COVID-19 crisis. These initiatives were implemented to both promote physical activity of the tenants and increase and ensure safety. This certification reflects our investment as commercial property managers to the comfort, protection & wellbeing of those who work and live in the commercial real estate we manage.

LEED® Certification

In addition to the Fitwel Certification, Constitution Square renewed its LEED® Platinum certification for existing buildings. LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the primary rating system in the world for sustainable buildings. It enhances efficiency, ensures cost savings and reduces health issues. This certification underscores Canderel’s dedication toward operational excellence and the management of sustainable buildings in which to work and live.

Wired Certified

Wired certification is another goal for many property management companies and real estate investors in Ontario. This is the only rating system for commercial buildings that evaluates access to high quality internet connectivity and the likelihood of interruptions or loss. The certification is currently only available to commercial and industrial buildings.

In today’s world, digital connection is of critical importance. As a property manager, the building should have the availability of multiple service providers who operate under various cabling, including fiber.

All three buildings within the Constitution Square Complex are Wired Certified Gold. With this high certification level, our tenants can expect exceptional access to broadband providers with choices for their ISP service. It also affirms the security measures taken and the appropriate physical distribution of fiber to current and future occupants.

Taken together, the Fitwel, LEED® and Wired certifications reinforce Canderel’s expertise as property managers in Ontario and value add approach to property management. We take our position as property managers and property owner-partners seriously and bring an outstanding level of responsibility to the community in the areas of technologic, safety, cleanliness, and environmental stewardship.