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Invested in making an impact

Invested in making an impact

Many benefits are associated with improving a building’s performance. Aside from the more monetary benefits — like saving energy & water and increasing value — modifications can improve the health and safety of its occupants, which thereby increases retention, & makes the space more appealing to renters. At Canderel, several initiatives are underway to ensure the well-being of the buildings we operate, and of the tenants that occupy them.

Ensuring quality & performance through LEED certification

Ensuring LEED® certification is a good place to start. Issued by the Canada Green Building Council, this rating system is recognized as the international mark of excellence for green buildings. LEED® Existing Building: Operations & Maintenance rewards buildings which have successfully implemented environmental and human health best practices. LEED®-certified properties are committed to continuously improving their energy & water performance, and providing healthier and safer space for occupants. These properties are truly a reflection of the values of the organizations that own and occupy them. Buildings like Canderel’s Toronto flagship 777 Bay, which has achieved LEED® Gold recertification, continue to be a standard of quality for its tenants and partners.

Ensuring occupant comfort through accessibility

Part of making our buildings more comfortable and inviting is by enabling access to a wider range of building occupants and visitors. Not only for those with a visible physical disability like wheelchair users, but also for others like seniors who may experience pain, diminished vison or mobility, people carrying luggage or rolling bags, and adults pushing strollers. The demand for accessible infrastructure continues to grow, which is why Canderel is proud to have refitted its Southland Park 1 building in Calgary to make it accessible. We even received our first Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification (RHFAC) in Calgary.

Ensuring greener communities through urban beekeeping

One of the latest initiatives to improve the communities around us is urban beekeeping. What better way to fill unused space than with beehives! They contribute to the greening of our cities by pollinating the trees, flowerbeds and veggie gardens around us. To date, Canderel hosts four hives in Montreal and Toronto, and our bees are thriving. They produce up to 100 jars of pure natural honey per year per hive, as well as other derived products like lip balm, soaps and candles. It’s a great way of highlighting the many issues surrounding the environment & encouraging the greening of the city centres in which we thrive.

These initiatives are meaningful ways Canderel can make a positive impact in the world around us.

Author: Caroline Bordeaux